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Kenko / Nurturing Cream Wash Baby 100ml

€4,80 €12
The first skincare line consists of a calming body oil designed to nourish mum’s growing belly and care for the delicate skin of a newborn. It includes ingredient such apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil, which are known for their healing properties. This line also includes a relaxing bath oil for mother and baby and a nourishing cream cleansing gel with oatmeal.

The line is fully in line with the Kenkô criteria: without unnecessary or harmful ingredients, the products are effective and do what they promise in an attractive packaging that is also made as sustainable as possible.The fragrance notes were selected for the emotions, associations, and moods they evoke, as well as their effect on the body and mind. For example, vanilla was chosen for the feeling of security, warmth, and cosiness it evokes. Sandalwood was chosen for its warm, enveloping scent, its relaxing and nourishing properties, and its important role in spiritual traditions. Both perfumed oils are warm, soft, and relaxing. For mothers, the fragrance helps to both relax and energize.

The baby products are hypoallergenic so that they are safe to use from birth.

The products are made with love in the Netherlands. The bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic and the boxes are made from agricultural waste. Leaves and stems left over from the harvest are processed into raw material for paper and cardboard.

They used two closely related scents with a distinct olfactory connection. They used one scent in their baby products and another in their products for mothers and mothers-to-be. When used together, both fragrances tell an olfactory story about the intimate and tender connection between mother and child; about the gentleness, the warmth, and the joy that the arrival of a new baby brings and the special rituals and routines a mother develops with her child.

The fragrances are subtle and harmonious and designed to support the tender bond between mother and child. When designing their fragrances, the baby scent was literally born from the mother scent, with the top notes in the latter reflected in those of the former. This approach is a direct reference to and symbol of the beautiful process of birth and a way to capture and remember this magical period.

How wonderful it would be when every baby would have a safe start on this world. Mommaluv foundation helps you to connect with a mom-to-be in emerging countries among which Bolivia, Ghana and Tanzania. With your support they hand over the mother a babypackage including basic needs such as food, clothes, medicine, a mosquito net and careproducts. This way MommaLuv offers us the chance to help mothers and babies in a developing country. We believe every newborn deserves a safe start. Therefore a part of every purchase will be donated to this beautiful charity. www.mommaluv.nl

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